EstheticsWhat’s more attractive than full, luscious and kissable lips? Stop using that lipstick to enhance your lips, when you can have it naturally done using the Liplase™ technique. Soft, supple lips are a want for most women, and men.

Enhancing the shape can make the lips appear more desirable, kissable and proportioned to the rest of your face. Whether you are born with thin, uneven lips, or have noticed that the fullness in them has diminished over the years, your lips can be enhanced and rejuvenated to look more young and luscious. We offer Liplase™, an offshoot of our Smoothlase™ facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reducer and prevention treatment. Liplase™, like Smoothlase™ is a nonsurgical, non-invasive treatment that uses laser light to stimulate collagen formation to “plump” the lips. There are no injections or anesthetics used. No foreign harmful or potentially lethal materials are used. Patients can return to work immediately with little or no side effects. Liplase™ can rejuvenate, fill and plump lips along with developing enhanced shape and form.